The PHP Autocomplete can be attached an existing HTML Select or an hidden input field.When attached to a Select tag, pass “SELECT” to display() method; or “INPUT” when attached to a hidden Input field. The default value value is “INPUT” when left it blank. e.g.

$pac -> display("SELECT");

So when to use SELECT or INPUT? If you want to transform an existing HTML Select tag into auto-complete control, use “SELECT”; otherwise, use “INPUT” referencing to an input type=’hidden’ tag. In order to take advantage of custom data, use “INPUT”, otherwise data is parsed from Select’s option tags.

$data =
        array('id'=>1, 'text'=>'Japan'),
        array('id'=>2, 'text'=>'USA'),
        array('id'=>3, 'text'=>'Hong Kong'),
        array('id'=>4, 'text'=>'Canada'),
        array('id'=>5, 'text'=>'Brazil')
$pac = new C_PhpAutocomplete('country', $data);
$pac -> display();
<input type="hidden" id="country">

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